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Welcome to my page! Diablo page that is! you are welcome to any of my diablo stuff!  reload my page everyone once in a while to see whats new to download or anything!!!! i will tell you a lil bit about my self later on t he page so make some room and check out my whole Page!!!!!! Thanx!!! :)

BoBaFeTT = this is V55 for Diablo v1.07 only!!!!
Books = 29 books (spells)
Diablo Items = Diablo Items, 5 of them i think.. :)
Items = 259 items
Item Creater = Create your custom items
Legit = Completely LEGIT items!!! not duped! or hacked!
Unique Creation shop = Create unique items
CazaSombras = Another item creater
Rings and Amulets = 16 rings and amulets
Ear Maker = Make custom ears like : the name. lvl , and what character like , Sorcerer , Warrior , Rogue , Monk?!!!!! make many as you would like 2!!!!!
More coming soon....

After your done checking out the top half of my page ! i put in some info about me!!! and also more links to O.K places!
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